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How to Write Reference Letters (Ebook)

From time to time, your friends, relatives, and business associates will need you to write character references, letters of recommendation, introductions to business colleagues, reference letters to college admission boards and committees, and nominations for awards.

Writing that letter or email puts your friend, family member, or colleague in the limelight—and banks a favor for your own future. So don’t let that task of phrasing a great letter or email keep you from helping someone in these situations.

Make the reference letter writing process fast and easy with this professionally written package of ready-to-go recommendation letters. You’ll find letters for these special situations:

Types of Reference Letters or Recommendation Letters

  • Supplying References for Students
  • Supplying References for Graduate School
  • Supplying References for Employees—Suitable
  • Supplying References for Employees—Unsuitable
  • Supplying Character References for Friends
  • Introducing Relative to Potential Employer
  • Nominating Candidate for Award/Recognition
  • Recommending Guest Speaker
  • Recommending Tenure
  • Requesting Job References
  • Requesting Personal Character References
  • Declining to Supply Character Reference
  • Declining to Supply Job References
  • Declining to Make an Introduction

How to Use This Reference Letter Package

You have two choices. Either …

1. Download the PDF package and select the sample reference letter you need. Then copy and paste it into Microsoft Word or any other word processor. Send it out.

2. Read samples to “get the flavor” of what the reference letter or recommendation letter should say. Then “pick and choose” sentences you like to use in composing your own letter of reference.

Total Number of Letters: 35
Total Number of Situations/Topics: 20

If you need a reference letter quickly to do a favor for a friend or associate, … and you want to get the words just right without wasting valuable time, let us help you!

Ready-to-Go Reference Letters
Written by Dianna Booher
Award-winning author of 44 books
published by Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books, Random House/Ballantine, McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Warner, and Thomas Nelson

Price: $3.82
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