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Effective Editing (CD)
( CD-EE )

Cindy Award & New York Film Festival
Finalist Award—Corporate Training

Imagine having business writing and grammar expert Dianna Booher in your office! Learn at your computer, eliminate travel to training seminars, and check your progress with module tests.

Effective Editing puts Dianna’s expertise at your fingertips. Learn to edit for the following elements:

  • Content and Layout
    o Check Accuracy and Completeness
    o Eliminate Repetition
    o Use the Right Word
    o Create Eye Appeal
  • Conciseness
    o Use Active vs. Passive Voice appropriately
    o Dig Out Buried Verbs
    o Avoid Adjective and Adverb Clutter
    o Cut Circumlocutions
  • Style
    o Assess Your Writing Style
    o Match Writing Style and Purpose
    o Vary Sentence Patterns
  • Clarity
    o Measure Readability
    o Position to Show Emphasis
    o Link to Show Clear Relationships
    o Use Clear Transitions
    o Use Clear References; Place Modifiers Correctly
    o Choose Precise Words
    o Use a Consistent Viewpoint

InterCom and Dianna Booher have partnered to produce a series of self-study interactive business writing courses, emphasizing the mastery of specific skills. Effective Editing provides approximately four hours of writing training based on Dianna's workshops.

Complete with module tests, this highly interactive business writing course will provide you with specific audio feedback as you move through the program.

Available Formats: CD, Intranet

Price: $795.00
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