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The Voice of Authority—10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know (Hard Cover)

Would you like to compel others to act? Command more attention for your ideas? Build credibility across department lines? Communicate as a respected leader? Discover the most effective ways to deliver sensitive messages or bad news? In The Voice of Authority, communications guru and bestselling author Dianna Booher shares her proven, powerful guidelines that have worked for some of the largest corporations in the world.

The Voice of Authority is loaded with practical tips to help you

  • sell your ideas and expand your influence
  • inspire and motivate others to be part of a winning team
  • handle crises in a way that builds rather than destroys trust
  • identify critical characteristics that increase your personal and organizational credibility
  • improve the flow of communication across your organization

Effective communication can be the most important asset on your balance sheet. With Dianna's expert advice, you’ll be able to create and deliver your message as the voice of reason that earns respect.

The difference between providing information and communicating a meaningful message can be as different as lighting a match and building a bonfire.

Be Complete. Be Consistent. Be Concerned. These rules—and the seven others Booher outlines in this book—sound simple enough. But these essentials of good communication mark the difference between failure and success for any business, career, or relationship. Even if your communication technology changes—from email and voice mail to teleconferencing, blogging and social media—the rules remain the same. You have to be credible as a communicator.

From the most routine messages to more sensitive “bad news” subjects, you’ll be able to manage reactions, communicate with clout, and lead others with success.

"Booher makes it transparent:
Expressing yourself clearly is an invaluable tool at the office and at home,
the kind that helps you avoid filing for bankruptcy or divorce."
Kirkus Reports, June 2007

(McGraw Hill, 212 pages, ISBN 978-0-07-148669-9)

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