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The Complete Letterwriter's Almanac (Hard Cover)

This all-inclusive Almanac covers 169 categories—from collecting funds and prospecting for business to congratulating a friend or expressing sympathy. Simply scan the table of contents, flip to the precise letter you need, and use it "as is" or personalize it with a few of your own phrases.

Now you can save hours and effort writing your own correspondence with this comprehensive collection of more than 240 letters for virtually any business or personal occasion.

Whether it's offering congratulations for a job well done . . . welcoming a new employee . . . apologizing for a mistake . . . requesting a favor . . . or any other situation that calls for written communication—the Almanac provides you with the precise letter that clearly expresses the proper tone and exact message you want to convey.

Covering more than 160 categories, this complete, one-volume resource includes ready-to-use model letters with thousands of phrasing alternatives for:

  • thank you and appreciation
  • sales and fund-raising
  • requesting and declining favors
  • commendations and congratulations
  • sympathy and condolence
  • applying for a new job
  • debt collection and late payment warnings
  • resignation and termination
  • friendship and greetings
  • invitations and announcements

...and much more!

To help boost your own personal letter writing confidence, the Almanac includes scores of guidelines that show you, step by step, how to write letters that will:

  • lend authority to your plans
  • motivate your colleagues and customers
  • close a deal
  • create goodwill
  • sell your product, your ideas, and yourself

No matter what the occasion—business or social—you'll never again be at a loss for what to say—or how to say it!

(Prentice Hall; 350 pages)

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